Chancellor's Desk

I welcome you to this campus of higher learning which is being the prime unit ofLNCT Group
of Colleges.
In my considered view your decision to choose this University for shaping your careers in the field of
higher education is well thought out and appropriate. It is now widely accepted that this is an
institution with a difference in terms of state-of-the-art infrastructure, good governance, teaching­
learning processes, student support and progression and peaceful environment. All these things
have resulted in a positive attitude of students towards this institution.
Dear Students, you will agree that a person entering higher education is also ripe for sharing
responsibility towards the parents, institution and the nation. I, therefore, call upon you to share
such responsibilities for common good of society while using your full potential to shape your
careers during your stay in this campus. The university is determined to provide training and skill
development for better placement.
I end up this note with my best wishes to you all for a brighter career, rich experiences and
pleasant association with all constituents of the University.

Dr. Sharad Chandra Tiwari,
Vice Chancellor