Dear Graduating Student,
You will be happy to know that the 2nd  Convocation of the LNCT University will be held on 22nd June, 2022.
The convocation robes will be kurta pyjama for boys and Saree blouse/salwar kurta for Girls. The Angvastram will be bearing of LNCT Emblem. The color of Kurta Pajama /Saree Blouse/Salwar Kurta will be Cream/off white.
You have to arrange yourself Kurta Pajama/Saree blouse/Salwar Kurta. The Angvastram and Pagdi will be made available to you on the day of Convocation at 9:00 AM.
The formal Academic Cap (Pagdi & Angvastram) which you need to bear for receiving the degree will be available in the University. The issue of Pagdi & Angvastram will start at 09:00 am sharp on the day of Convocation.
Should you wish to have your parents or relatives to attend the convocation ceremony? We will be happy to extend an invitation. Please also fill the details of your parents in prescribed form.
For any further information please visit the University website (www.Lnctu.ac.in) or you may contact
Dr. Anu Shrivastava Mobile No. 9406956378, 7987514958
Dr. J.P. Rai Mobile No. 9826320842
Dr. T Jaikumar Mobile No. 7693982692

Instructions for Students

• All the graduating students who would like to receive their degree in person in the convocation, for them it is compulsory to attend the rehearsal. Please bring your admit card.  Any student failing to collect his/her admit card and attend the rehearsal as per the respective schedule(Can be taken from coordinators/departments), will not be allowed to receive his/her degree in persons.  No relaxation on this will be allowed under any circumstances.
• The program for rehearsal/convocation will remain fixed as per the dates, even if the convocation date is declared a holiday. Not with standing the above for reasons beyond control if the date of convocation rehearsal is changed. Students will be informed about any changes, if made.
• Briefcase/bags/ladies purse/mobile phones etc. will not be allowed in the convocation hall for security  reasons.
• Children below 18 years will not be permitted.
• Please ensure that the institute has your correct address in its records in case there has been a change since you joined the institute. Please get the records updated in the concerned academic and examination section.
• All graduating students are advised to carefully note their respective convocation schedule given above. No request for change of date of convocation will be allowed under any circumstances.

• Essential Covid-19 Guideline has to be followed strictly during convocation. to receive your degree in person.