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The LNCT UNIVERSITY will be the institution of excellence in the area of education to develop outstanding education thinkers & leaders, and serve as a think tank for long-term education change and sustainable development. Akin to the IITs, AIIMS, IIMs and the NLSUI respectively focused on Science & Technology, Medicine, Management, Education and law, the LNU will in effect be an academy of excellence on Education.

  • The LNU’s vision to promote, conceptualize and create a paradigm shift through development of outstanding leadership, research, knowledge and ideas for education and allied development sectors.
  • Outstanding learning outcomes and the quality and richness of the student experience
  • Graduates’ readiness for work, their adaptability, and their contribution as globally capable professionals
  • Commitment to equity and excellence, reinforcing each other in an environment characterised by uncompromising high standards
  • Strong nexus between teaching and research
  • World-class research clusters, and an exciting, research-intensive culture
  • Innovative solutions to social, economic, political and technological challenges
  • Considerable and creative contribution to the prosperity and well-being of the nation
  • Agility and adaptability in building and maintaining productive partnerships with industry, business and the community.


Our Mission is to create a transformative educational experience for students focused on deep disciplinary knowledge; problem solving; leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills; and personal health and well-being.

To cultivate a transformative university community committed to

  • attracting and retaining diverse, world-class talent;
  • creating a collaborative environment open to the free exchange of ideas, where research, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship can flourish; and
  • ensuring individuals can achieve their full potential.

Enhance our position as one of the leading research and teaching universities and to measure our performance against the highest international standards.

Provide the highest quality learning and teaching environment for the greater wellbeing of our students and deliver an outstanding educational portfolio. Produce graduates fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards.


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