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LNMC Synapse 2023

Experience the magic of SYNAPSE 2023, the most awaited socio-cultural fest at L.N.C.T UNIVERSITY. From thrilling competitions to mesmerizing performances, SYNAPSE 2023 promises to be a spectacular event that showcases the best of talent and creativity. Join us from 26th to 28th April and be a part of the festivities!

LNCT UNIVERSITY is delighted to announce the upcoming college fest ‘SYNAPSE 2023’, spanning three days from 26th April to 28th April 2023. The fest promises to be a grand event that will attract a vast number of medical students and doctors from various medical colleges in M.P.

SYNAPSE 2023 is an excellent opportunity for students to display their skills and compete against each other. The event will be a melting pot of enthusiastic activities encompassing music, dance, art, quizzes, and much more. The fest will not only entertain the audience but also provide a platform for students to showcase their talents.

The event aims to be a perfect blend of fun, laughter, and a tribute to the medical society. SYNAPSE 2023 will be an epitome of grandeur and entertainment, featuring cutthroat competitions, star-studded nights, and majestic art exhibitions.

Come and be a part of the exhilarating socio-cultural fest, where you can witness an array of talented virtuosos and indulge in the festivities with your peers.

Inauguration Synapse 2023

We are thrilled to announce that SYNAPSE 2023, the much-awaited socio-cultural fest at L.N.C.T UNIVERSITY, had a grand inauguration on April 16, 2023. This year’s event promises to be an exciting showcase of exceptional talent and creativity through various thrilling competitions and mesmerizing performances. We invite you to witness the spectacular experience that SYNAPSE 2023 has in store for you! Don’t forget to check out some amazing images of the event’s inauguration.

Admission Open