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International Relation Cell was established in 2017 under LNCT University. The main objective of this cell is to recruit, admit and provide understanding environment to foreign students. The cell has a dedicated team who gives complete information about life@lnct. This cell is the centre point of contact for all foreign students those who are staying inside or outside the campus in case of any issues and problems faced by them. The cell also counsel the students time to time and make them motivated towards their education , so that they can focus their mind only on education for what they have came from. This cell also establishes a direct contact with the sponsorer and parents of the students and provides them all the necessary information, so that they can know the progress of their wards. Every assistance is being provided to the student from the time of sending pre admission offer letter to final accomplishment of the course.

This cell also assist the students in Registering with FRRO within 14 days of the arrival from their home country and also helps them in filling the Visa Extension forms by delivering the necessary documents required for Extension. This cell holds time to time meeting with the International Students for taking the feedbacks of their stay , education and make sure the students use the facilities in an appropriate way.

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