The graduate & Post graduate Engineering programmers in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at LNCT University are about providing an innovative education filled with discovery, and dissemination of knowledge.
The programmers allow fresher’s to gain a practical understanding of different Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning functions and to grow individual networks through cross-functional relationships. From Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning engineering , there are various programmes for the students’ addressing their interest.
Students get to learn under the supervision of highly adept and experienced faculty teams developing the skills you need to succeed and make a valuable contribution right from the start. The graduate & post graduate engineering programmes encourage students to think with internal perspective and design solutions that meet human and social needs and to create an economic value that helps them to sustain in this competitive environment

  • Exclusive Program Offered by only LNCT university in Bhopal.
  • Instructor Led Training (ILT)/Teachers & students facing each other. No Online. Hands on Classes.
  • Data Science(DS), Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML) starting from 1st Semester till final Semester.
  • DS, AI & ML from Industry experts only.
  • Certification Courses and Project based learning.
  • Practicals & Project Oriented program.
  • Program in collaboration with Samatrix Pvt Ltd. which is backed by a Strong R&D team.
  • Career development Classes from first semester for overall development of students.
  • Exposure of In-house Incubation Cell nurturing various Startups.
  • Excellent Result, Placement and University Rank holders.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Playgrounds for all Games.


B-Tech CSE in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning4 Years12th with 60% marks in PCM
B-Tech CSE in Data Science4 Years12th with 60% marks in PCM
M Tech Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning2 YearsBE/B TECH Graduate with 60% marks
MCA in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning2 YearsAny graduate with 50% marks and Maths as a compulsory subject in either graduation or 12th
MCA in Data Science & Visualization2 YearsAny graduate with 50% marks and Maths as a compulsory subject in either graduation or 12th
BCA in Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics.3 Years10th and 12th with  50% marks
BCA in Data Science3 Years10th and 12th with  50% marks
BCA in Cloud Computing3 Years10th and 12th with  50% marks
MBA in Data Analytics & Visualization2 YearsAny Graduate with 50% marks

About Samatrix Consulting Pvt Ltd

Samatrix Consulting Pvt Ltd is a technology company, led by IIT, IIM, Intel, HP alumni with deep industry expertise.It focuses on solving real business problems and developing the ecosystem through skill development incutting-edge technologies.

We have domain expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, DataVisualization, Augmented Analytics, Blockchain, and Virtual Reality. We cater to finance, insurance, travel,logistics, media, entertainment and e-commerce domains. Samatrix Consulting Pvt Ltd was founded with an objective of democratizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by solving the critical business problems and assimilate the technical know-how among the students, teachers and professionals, with an objective to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning to everyone.

By harnessing the explosion in computational power and digital data, the organisation has been focusing to develop state-of-the-art solutions and algorithms to enable natural interaction between human and machine that can augment and enhance human skills and agility. To harness the power of intelligent machines, it actively engages with research community by conducting technical conferences and workshops, and collaboration with universities and technical institutions in India.It’s research groups include colleagues from industry and academia cover all the topics related to artificial intelligence to understand and make progress in matters of AI.

About Samatrix Core Team

Vishal Jain

Vishal Jain (AI/ML/DL/Blockchain)

Vishal is a business leader with 20 years of experience in managing complex global projects, problem solving, and building growth teams. He is an entrepreneur and he is successfully running an e-commerce company. During his tenure with Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd, he managed global teams and projects in Business Intelligence, data analytics, data storage, Google search, enterprise portal and HR domains.He has worked in go-to market strategy, marketing, product development, operations and enterprise IT architecture in Hi-Tech, gaming and retail domains. He is an alumn of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Ahmedabad
Sunny Pathak

Sunny Pathak (Data Science/Analytics/Visualization/Consumer behavior Analytics/Strategy)

Sunny is a former Business Consultant & Analytics & Visualization expert having 10 Yrs exp and worked with prestigious companies like FICCI, MobiKwik, Samsung, DDB Mudra Group OMNICOM, INTEX & FRANCHISE INDIA, REMAX LLC rich experience.Sunny is an expert as Research Scientist, Industry Lifecycle, Consumer Behaviour, Strategy/Mentor in Big Data, Visualization, Analytics, Idea Generation, Marketing Analytics, Boost up, and Career Coach.He has worked extensively in domains such as Sales Analyst and Forecasting expert, Market Research, Brand positioning, Data strategies, Consumer behaviour Analytics and Pricing for clients in various sectors like Payment solution, E-commerce, Advertising Agency, Automotive, Banking, Hi-tech, Pharma, Telecom & Mobile, Consumer Durable and Electronics.


Mr Mayank (AI expert from University of Edinburgh UK)

Mayank is MSc in Artificial Intelligence from University of Edinburgh UK. He is B Tech from University of Delhi. He has an experience of 3 years in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and IoT based apps. His areas of interests in research are in the fields of deep learning, robotics, and driver less cars.

Mr. Gopal Mishra

Mr. Gopal Mishra is an alum from IIT Kanpur and IIT Kharagpur, he is active in startup eco system. He has been working on ideas on clean energy, shared economy, AI, Block-chain and Fin-tech. Through his recently formed second venture, he is building an ecosystem and so the platform for connecting best of breed technology enablers/vendors with target customers/ service providers. His highly qualified team decodes the needs from both sides and creates a value bridge Prior to this, he was part of Global IT consulting firm for close to two decades, working for leading companies at various leadership roles

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence helps computers do the sorts of things that the brain can do.Some of the things such as reasoning and logic are considered “intelligent” whereas some others such as “vision” are not. The psychological skills such as perception, association, prediction, planning, and motor control help human and animals attain their goals.

Where do you see AI ?

AI is everywhere. Practical applications of AI are found in the home, the car (driverless car), the office, the banks, the hospitals, the sky, the internet including the Internet of Things. Some applications such as robots sent to the Moon and Mars or satellite orbiting in space are outside our planet. Hollywood animations, video and computer games and Google’s search engine are also based on AI techniques. Financiers use AI to predict movements on the Stock market. AI applications help the national governments guide the policy decisions in health, agriculture, and transport.

How students can learn the art of making smart machines ?

Anyone, who has the willingness to learn analytical, mathematical, statistical and programming skills can learn to develop the Intelligent machines and bring positive impact in the lives of masses by solving problems in various domains such as food production and distribution, environment, and energy.

What are the career options in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning ?

Domains which are targeting Artificial Intelligence are mentioned below:

  • Medicine: including interpretation of medical images, diagnosis, expert systems to aid GPs, monitoring, and control in intensive care units, the design of prosthetics, a design of drugs.
  • Robotics: including vision, motor control, learning, planning, linguistic communication, cooperative behavior.
  • Engineering: fault diagnosis, intelligent control systems, intelligent manufacturing systems, intelligent design aids, integrated systems for sales, design, production, maintenance, expert configuration tools (e.g. ensuring sales staff don’t sell a system that won’t work.
  • Information Management: this includes the use of AI in data mining, web crawling, email filtering, etc. For example, a company in California uses AI to help retailers mine for consumer data by sifting through the ages, postcodes, and buying habits of people who buy goods over the internet. Google is a set of applied artificial intelligence platforms, which are able to ‘learn’.
  • Space: control of space vehicles and autonomous robots too far from earth to be directly manipulated by humans on earth, because of transmission delays. Nasa uses AI to help plan and schedule space shuttle maintenance.
  • Military Activities: this may be the area in which most funds have been spent. It is also not easy to learn about the details.
  • Marketing: AI is being used to develop more targeted, relevant, and timely marketing programs to increase customer attrition rates.
These AI & Data Science programs provide the job profiles:
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Big Data & AI Architect
  • Big Data Scientist
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Research Engineer – Artificial Intelligence
  • Data and AI Consultant
  • Robotics Professional
  • Software Engineer
  • IoT Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Architect

Does LNCT University provide transport facilities ?

Yes. LNCTU provides Bus facility from almost all corners of the city. Bhopal is a small city with a fine transportation system in order. Being centrally located in the city, the Institute is quite near to all the prime areas of interest in the city.


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