Capturing the Essence of Voter Awareness Rally and Street Play LNCT University | Best Private University in Central India


n a vibrant and spirited display of civic engagement, LNCT University recently hosted a compelling voter awareness rally, complemented by a thought-provoking street play (नुक्कड़ नाटक). These events were designed to inspire, educate, and encourage active participation in the democratic process.
The voter awareness rally was a dynamic spectacle, featuring students, faculty, and community members marching together, waving flags, and distributing informational pamphlets. It aimed to emphasize the importance of every citizen’s voice and vote in shaping the future of our nation.
Adding an artistic dimension to the initiative, a captivating street play (नुक्कड़ नाटक) unfolded on the campus grounds. Through powerful performances and impactful storytelling, the play conveyed vital messages about the significance of informed voting, electoral responsibilities, and the essence of democracy.
These events at LNCT University served as a reminder that the power to bring about positive change lies in the hands of an informed and engaged citizenry. The university’s commitment to fostering awareness and participation in the electoral process is a testament to its dedication to producing responsible and proactive future leaders.
As these glimpses reveal, LNCT University’s voter awareness rally and street play were not just events; they were vibrant expressions of democracy in action. They illuminated the path towards a brighter, more engaged, and responsible citizenry.

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