Dental Awareness Camp

On the occasion of the 8th National Ayurveda Day, LN Ayurveda College and Hospital in Bhopal organized a Dental Awareness Camp on October 18, 2023

Poster presentation competition on a World Sight Day

On the occasion of World Sight Day, L.N.Ayurveda College and Hospital, LNCT University, Bhopal organized competition on a Poster presentation on the theme of eye banking and eye donation and Rangoli competition on the theme of Anatomyof eyeon October 12, 2023 at shalakyaTantraDepartment, L.N. Ayurved college and Hospital, LNCT university. VariousStudents participated and created massage […]

Celebrating Maharishi Dadhichi Jayanti

Today on 4th October 2023, on the Occassion of Maharishi Dadhichi Jayanti Under graduate BAMS 1st year students from LN Ayurveda College and Hospital Bhopal participated in Organ donation awareness activities and its importance was conveyed by various competitions like poster making, Rangoli making, body painting, Essay writing Under the guidance of Respected Principal Dr. […]

LN Ayurved College Earns Prestigious Title of Best Ayurveda College in Bhopal

LN Ayurved College has achieved a remarkable milestone by being recognized as the “Best Ayurveda College in Bhopal.” This accolade is a testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment to holistic education and healing. The distinguished title, bestowed upon LN Ayurved College, reflects the dedication and excellence exhibited by the institution in the field of Ayurvedic […]

Celebrate the auspicious occasion of Charak Jayanti

Celebrate the auspicious occasion of Charak Jayanti with us! Join LNCT University and LN Ayurved College & Hospital, Bhopal, as we present an enlightening One-Day Expert Talk Program. This special event is in proud association with Vishva Ayurved Parishad. Delve into the wisdom of Ayurveda and immerse yourself in insightful discussions that pay homage to […]

Congratulations Tamanna Kumari for securing AIR 117 Rank and Gen-39 (UR)

Heartiest congratulations to Tamanna Kumari for her outstanding achievement, securing an impressive AIR 117 Rank and Gen-39 (UR). Tamanna, a student of the First Batch of 2017 at LN Ayurved College Bhopal, has truly shone brightly. This remarkable feat is not just a personal accomplishment, but also a source of immense pride for the entire […]

L N Ayurvedic college Celebrate Breast Feeding Week

एलएन आयुर्वेद चिकित्सा महाविद्यालय व डाबर इंडिया के संयुक्त तत्वावधान में विश्व स्तनपान सप्ताह का शुभारंभ किया गया | कार्यक्रम का शुभारंभ भगवान धन्वंतरि की आराधना के साथ हुआ| कार्यक्रम के विशिष्ट अतिथि प्रोफेसर शालाक्य तंत्र विभाग डॉक्टर सरिता घरडे का असिस्टेंट प्रोफेसर स्त्री एवं प्रसूति तंत्र विभाग डॉ निशिगंधा के द्वारा स्वागत किया गया […]

International herbal fair Bhopal 2021

विषय – एल एन आयुर्वेद महाविद्यालय एवं चिकित्‍सालय द्वारा International herbal fair Bhopal 2021 में पांच दिवसीय नि:शुल्‍क चिकित्‍सा शिविर का आयोजन किया जा रहा है। इस चिकित्‍सा शिविर में आमवात, संधिवात, वात व्‍याधि, जीर्णकास श्‍वास, स्‍त्रीरोग, बालरोग, अर्श, भंगदर, पंचकर्म चिकित्‍सा, नेत्र, कर्ण, मुख एवं नासा रोगों तथा अन्‍य सभी रोगों की चिकित्‍सा वरिष्‍ठ […]