Group Dance Competition hosted by LN Ayurveda College

Experience the captivating highlights from the Group Dance Competition, hosted by LN Ayurveda College as part of LNUniVerse 2024! 💃🕺 Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing fusion of talent and creativity showcased on stage. Witness the energy and passion as participants bring their performances to life, captivating audiences with their synchronized movements and expressive choreography. Don’t […]

Alumni Talk Show hosted by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Explore the captivating glimpses of the Alumni Talk Show, graciously hosted by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication! 🎙️ Immerse yourself in the inspiring success stories and invaluable insights shared by our esteemed alumni. Get ready to be inspired and motivated as they reflect on their journeys and achievements. Don’t miss this opportunity to […]

School of Legal Studies Best Out of Waste Exhibition

Discover the captivating glimpses from LNUniVerse 2024: School of Legal Studies’ Best Out of Waste Exhibition! 🌟 Immerse yourself in a showcase of creativity and sustainability in action. Explore innovative creations crafted from recycled materials, showcasing the power of imagination and environmental consciousness. Join us in celebrating ingenuity and the beauty of repurposing waste into […]

Admission Open