Certificate Course In Blockchain LNCT University is one of the best private universities in Bhopal and central India. LNCT is synonymous with excellence in higher education.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a secure digital ledger of transactions that creates a tamper-proof chain. Blockchains are immutable, meaning they eliminate fraud, restore, preserve the integrity and improve compliance, as regulators can use the blockchain audit trail to verify compliance.

It’s a myth going around in the country that the blockchain market is just for coders but it is a different scenario. There are many positions available in blockchain industry than can be filled by almost every student of any department or stream they belong too.

Objectives Of The Course:

  • To keep students up-to-date with the skills and knowledge on trending Blockchain technology with new employment opportunities.
  • Lately, there has been demand for Blockchain related jobs in both sectors. This course will train you for the same.
  • To teach the students about designing and implementing smart contracts and various methods for developing decentralized applications on blockchains.

What Are The Future Scope Of The Course ?

  • Blockchain developer, Solution Architect, Manager, UX Designer, Legal Consultant, etc. are few important job positions that are offered to applicants with expertise in Blockchain Technology.
  • Other important roles are: Accountants, Public Relations, Marketers, Crypto journalists, Crypto brokers, Analysts, and ICO advisors.
  • For students pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Business Administration, or a professional course for the position of Chartered Accountant, Company Secretory, Bachelor of Law must surely go for this course to reserve an exceptional job for themselves in the coming future.
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