Certificate Course In Branding And Advertising Management LNCT University is one of the best private universities in Bhopal and central India. LNCT is synonymous with excellence in higher education.

What is Branding & Advertising Management ?

Branding is the idea of giving identity to any product or service, which creates an image in the consumers mind. Designed in a way so that people can quickly identify and experience a particular brand over others. Most important and innovative aspect to attract consumers.

Advertising is often misinterpreted as expense of business but it is actually a long term asset of business. It helps in proving existence of any product or service in the market. Through many source advertisement is done to make the consumer aware about the product or service which is another important part of business to earn profit and manage the goodwill.

Objectives Of The Course:

  • To provide the knowledge about different sources of advertising the brand and earn value with the skills in this field.
  • To enhance the sale of product by better understanding of how and what type of customers are to be attracted.
  • Creating a long term asset, advertising, and also knowing the aspects to reach out the world with an extra skill.

What Are The Future Scope Of The Course ?

  • Some of the well-known brands like Netflix, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Tata and many more have earned huge and build a good market for themselves through good marketing skills by having a clear sense of their target consumer.
  • Advertising and branding is the soul of any product or service because it brings the genuine customers giving light to its work.
  • Knowledge in this field opens different paths and opportunities to earn in today’s time where market is competitive and advertising is the sensitive yet powerful aspect to build an image in the eyes of consumer.
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